Rules and Regulations

General Rules

Community rules assure the maintenance of a certain level and quality of life within Middlegate Mews and apply to all members. These rules can be found in the Association By-laws recorded with the Master Deed and which all owners receive. Other rules are promulgated by the Board of Directors as provided by the by-laws and Master Deed.

For convenience some of the basic rules of the Mews are published below. However, with regard to construction/ remodeling of interiors unit owners are advised to check with local construction officials and obtain necessary permits. Unit owners are advised to contact the Association Managing Agent before undertaking construction work to be sure that it complies with Master Deed and by-law requirements. Similarly, unit owners should be aware of rules concerning replacement of windows and doors. The Managing Agent can provide you with information regarding Association requirements for your particular unit (or the complex) and recommend contractors familiar with Mews units.


  1. Place all trash inside the dumpsters. All trash must be bagged and perishable trash must be tightly sealed. Loose garbage and liquids are not permitted in dumpsters.

    Cardboard must be broken down, flattened, and placed inside the recycling dumpster situated by unit C5 (see below).

    Recycling of clear, brown, and green glass, aluminum beer and soda cans is required. Only glass bottles/containers are to be recycled; all other glass items are to be placed in the dumpsters. No plastic or paper bags are allowed in the recycling barrels.

    There is a new recycling dumpster located in the rear parking lot near Unit C5. It is to be used to recycle newspapers, magazines, cardboard (must be broken down) and plastic bottles, containers, etc. Newspapers should be bundled and tied with string or placed inside paper bags (no plastic bags). Bundled newspapers can also be brought to the city recycling center.
  2. Pets are not permitted to roam free. Dogs and cats must be leashed at all times when outdoors and are not permitted on the lawns, shrubbery, playground, etc. You must "pick up" after your pet on common property. The board has approved one dog area for your pet to relieve itself. Please walk your dog on the roadway/parking lot to get to the Designated Walking/Pet Relief areas:
    • Lawn area adjacent to the cedar fence on the north side of G Bldg. (just off pavement)
  3. Obey the stop, directional and speed limit of 15 M.P.H., keep to the right at all times. No racing of engines, loud exhaust systems, or loud radios is allowed on common property. Drive carefully and watch for children.
  4. Parking of cars is allowed in the lined areas.
    • Numbered parking spaces are for the use of the designated unit only; unnumbered spaces may be used by any unit owner.
    • Parking along the center roadway between the "B" and "C" building and "E" and "G" buildings is permitted (see winter rules below for exceptions).
    • The City of Clifton's parking ordinance (No. 4812-83), prohibits parking in front of the garages of all units facing Williamsburg North (Buildings A, B, C, D, and E) and Williamsburg South (Buildings C, E, F, and H).
    • Parking in fire zones is prohibited.
    • Visitors may park only in unnumbered spaces.
    • Each unit is limited to three passenger vehicles, of which only two may be parked outdoors at one time. Vehicles being stored or used infrequently should be kept in owners’ garages. Temporary exceptions to this rule may be requested through application to the board, in writing.
    • Parking outside of enclosed garages shall be limited to motor vehicles listed below, provided they are not equipped with plows, racks, or other commercial appurtenances of any nature whatsoever, and further provided that no signage, lettering, or advertising is displayed on the vehicle.
    • Passenger automobiles and motorcycles, pick-up trucks with a maximum box length of 8', excluding any type of dump truck; pick-up type wagons, window vans, and panel vans not exceeding 18' in length and excluding step vans, box vans, or cube vans.
  5. No changes to the outside of the units are allowed without prior written approval from the board of directors. No changes to the inside of the units which affect the structural integrity are allowed.
  6. No part of the unit shall be used for any other purpose other than as a single family residential dwelling.
  7. Objects may not be hung from building walls, doors, light fixtures, etc. No signs are permitted on the exterior of any unit, except that unit owners shall have the right to hang one (1) "For Sale" in the window of the unit, which shall not be larger than 24" X 36". No rental signs are permitted.
  8. In accordance with the fire prevention code, N.J.A.C. 5:18-3.3: "Propane cooking equipment such as barbecue grills shall not be stored or used on any porch, balcony or any other portion of a building, within any room or space of a building, within five feet of any combustible exterior wall, or within five feet vertically or horizontally of an opening in a wall." Because of the layout of our community (the 5' requirement would create a driving hazard on the roadways), propane grills cannot be used or stored on the property.
  9. Seasonal items may not be left outdoors overnight.
  10. Behavior or use of equipment or toys that could damage lawns, trees, shrubs, walls or any other common property is prohibited.
  11. Noise from radios, parties, vehicles, etc. must be kept at a minimum so as not to disturb neighbors.
  12. Unit owners are advised to contact the Association Managing Agent for information regarding replacement of windows and doors as these are governed by Association rules and regulations. The Managing Agent can provide owners with Association requirements for the owner’s particular unit (or the complex) and recommend contractors familiar with Mews units.
  13. Per state law, owners should equip each unit with smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detectors and a wall-mounted fire extinguisher in each kitchen.

Please keep in mind that violations of these rules may subject a unit owner to a fine.

Winter Rules

Winter brings a time of "hibernation" for most residents. With tuck-under garages and a perimeter drive, residents often do not have an opportunity to see each other until Spring. But with the coming of winter there are a few simple rules residents should be aware of for both safety and convenience. The rules are listed below. Each owner should, before November 30:

  1. Shut off the water valve (smaller pipe above water heater) to their outside faucets. Drain the pipes and keep both front and back faucets open to prevent them from freezing and bursting.
  2. Remove all objects from unit front porch, back door and the vicinity of the garage door. (These include door mats, hoses, flower pots/plants, etc.) No personal belongings may be outside of your back door or on your front stoop after November 30th. Personal belongings left outside after this date may be removed and discarded by the association, or snow plowing contractor.
  3. Clean fireplace chimney flue and dryer vents (recommended annual maintenance).
  4. To allow for the proper and efficient plowing of snow, when snow conditions are forecast, residents with parking spaces behind Bldg A and along the north side of the complex MUST move their vehicles to the south side of the complex. Vehicles remaining in these areas may be plowed in! No cars are permitted to be parked in front of a unit's garage doors, along the center roadways between B and C, and E and G buildings, or near any back door or building wall. Finally, during and immediately following a snowfall, owners should not park adjacent to any building. Such parking is strictly prohibited because sloping mansard roofs can create icing conditions, and falling icicles can cause significant damage to cars and persons.
    Please note: during the winter months if you plan on being away for any period of time, please be sure to leave your vehicle in your garage or park it on the south side of the complex
  5. Prior and during snowfall, parking is strictly prohibited in the designated SNOW SPACES located on the north side of Building G, and adjacent to the corner of unit B4. These spaces will be used as necessary to store/pile plowed snow. Vehicles remaining in these restricted areas may be plowed in!
  6. Most important - please work with the snow plowing company to help get all parking spaces cleared as quickly as possible after snow fall, and move vehicles back into parking spaces once they have been cleared, and plowing operations have ended.
  7. Fines/Towing - owners will be assessed fines for vehicles parked in violation of the above snowfall restrictions, and may be subject to towing at at the owner’s expense.

Summer Rules

Each unit is limited to two flower pots in the rear and one on the front porch. Pot size shall not exceed 18" in diameter; and overall height, including plant, shall not exceed 42". Residents should remove spent flowers from pots and planting beds and remove flower pots when not in use. No artificial flowers or plants permitted.

Middlegate Mews Condominium Association Pool Rules & Regulations

The pool will be open from the Saturday before Memorial Day through the Sunday after Labor Day.

Under normal conditions, the pool hours are: 10.00 a.m. - Dusk

Anyone not in compliance with the below cited rules and regulation will be subject to fines, penalties, and the revocation of pool privileges as allowed under the Association’s Governing Documents (See Fines and Sanctions below).

While the pool is regularly serviced there is no lifeguard on duty and each resident must observe the rules and ensure that their guests abide by them as well.

  1. Swimming alone is absolutely prohibited!!!
    There must be 2 adults 18 yrs. Or older inside the pool area to swim...........
  2. No alcoholic beverages are permitted in the pool area. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol shall be denied access to the pool.

    ** Violation of either of the above two rules will result in a $500 fine and revocation of pool privileges for the entire season, no exceptions!!
  3. An adult unit owner / tenant resident must accompany and be present with their guest at all times while inside the pool area. Failure to do so will result in unauthorized use and a fine of $250.
  4. Diving or jumping into the pool is absolutely prohibited. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult unit owner. No children are permitted in the pool unless fully toilet trained and in a bathing suit, or wearing a pool protected diaper. For safety reasons, baby, carriages, strollers and /or wheeled carts are only permitted on the grass in the playground. Bikes and Scooters are NOT permitted in the pool area.
  5. No one is allowed inside the pool area after scheduled hours. Residents must close and lock the pool gate when leaving the pool area if there are no other persons present at the pool. Failure to do so will result in a $250 fine.
  6. Owners and their guests must have with them and display a Middlegate Mews "Pool Badge." There is a limit of 5 badges per unit. Residents will be responsible for the conduct of their guests.
  7. Snacks only are permitted in the pool area. No glass, breakable containers, or cutting utensils are allowed in the pool area.
  8. No water soaking devices are alowed in the pool!!!Masks & goggles may not have glass lenses.

    ** Residents must clean up after themselves, return chairs to their proper position, and close umbrellas before leaving the pool area!!!
  9. Absolutely no smoking in the pool area.
  10. Expectoration, RUNNING, yelling, throwing objects, rough play, or other conduct affecting the safety and comfort of others shall not be permitted within the pool area.
  11. Absolutely no parking of cars is allowed behind building "a" along the pool fence, or by the tool shed / dumpster, by pool users or their guests. Only residents OF Building “A” are permitted to park along the pool fence.
  12. Any person showing evidence of skin disease, excessive sunburn, open blisters, cuts, bandages, inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharges, or a communicable disease shall be refused admission.
  13. No dogs or other animals shall be allowed in the pool area (with the exception of Service dogs).
  14. Please refrain from dragging chairs / pool furniture. Tables, chairs and lounges cannot be reserved in advance. Residents may bring their own chairs and lounges which can be left in the pool area overnight, if they are folded and neatly stacked by the pool shed and labeled with the unit owner's name and number.
  15. All persons shall shower before entering the pool.
  16. Association management / board has the final say as to whether the pool will be open or closed during inclement weather. Entering the pool is strictly prohibited during an electrical storm. In case of thunder / lightning, the pool must be immediately vacated.
  17. Residents must report any pool malfunctions to Delev Corp. Management at 973-785-0441 and a Board Member. In case of emergency, 911 should be called immediately. Residents may not adjust or tamper with pool filtration or the heater located in the pool shed. A First Aid Kit located at the pool.

Fines, Sanctions, and Privilege Revocation

The Board reserves the right to impose fines and sanctions, and revoke pool privileges, in their discretion, commensurate with the violation of any rule contained herein or which otherwise, in their sole discretion, imperils the safety of others using the pool or the Association.

Pool privileges may be revoked by the Board if a unit owner is not current in the payment of maintenance fees or any other unit assessments, including fines and penalties.